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You can help lots of people by donating little. See our causes.
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Gesture of gratitude

Many of our patrons have inquired about a way to give back to the Spellcaster as a gesture of gratitude

Save Children From Trauma and Abuse  Save Children From Trauma and Abuse Trauma and Abuse  Home 2 Trauma and Abuse

Save Children From Trauma and Abuse

Individuals who have been hurt, betrayed and abused have the right to be angry and resentful


Donate Blood & Save a Life

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What Our Donors the World over Are Saying

Mama Maquze is totally top notch. I would never trust anyone else with my problems. She is completely reliable and compassionate and her money spells are truly some kind of powerful magic. Mama Maquze has definitely gotten me through some really tough times and the Money Spell resolved all difficulties. I will never have to worry about money ever again. Thank you, Mama Maquze.

Andrew Jackson

I was always a loser at the casino. When I went, it was like they turned the money machines off. So one day, I came across Mama Maquze's  money spell. On a whim, I tried it. I got the spell and headed out, not expecting much. To my great surprise, I was a winner at practically everything I tried. I came out greatly ahead, all thanks to Mama Maquze. I’ll never gamble again without a money spell from Mama Maquze. She’s my lucky charm and lucky rabbit’s food all wrapped into one. Thanks, Lenny

Lenny Jade

I have had pleasure of conversing with this lady for a number of years. He is my inspiration. She is my rock. Without her I would not be able to look back at my life with such ease and grace, she has shown me how. GOD BLESS YOU MAMA MAQUZE

Grace Cook

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